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Asothia is the first AI-powered matching tool for biomedical researchers and funders.

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Connecting the UK Knowledge Economy.

We believe that the best research needs smarter, easier access to funding.

In our time at the University of Cambridge and Oxford, we noticed that researchers around us were spending most of their time looking and applying for grants. Studies have shown that researchers today spend as much as 50 per cent of their time applying for grants, and only a third of their time on research. We, along with our community of researchers, believe that this is having detrimental effects on scientific innovation.

We founded Asothia early in 2023 to address this problem.

By harnessing intelligent technologies, we are radically simplifying the process of applying for research funding. Our matching tool brings eligible, up-to-date funding opportunities straight to researchers and helps funders find new, highly talented researchers across the UK. The goal: giving Early Career Researchers back their time to focus on the science.